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Healthy Sexuality 101
Sexuality is at our very core of our lives. When we suppress our sexual feelings and urges, when we express our sexual needs inappropriately, when we deny ourselves healthy pleasure, we end up with disease. Our discomfort about communicating ...
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Tantra and Soul-Mating
What is it that you desire the most? Is your primary relationship all you thought it could be or want it to be? Have you ever had an experience with someone where time stops and you become one with everything...
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Tantra and Our Immunity
How many of us are as healthy as we would like to be? Do you desire a spring in your walk, a smile on your face, a twinkle in your eye, a harmonious life? How would you like to be more energetic, symptom-free, serene...
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Tantra and Intimacy
What I hear over and over again is that there is little or no intimacy in relationships, but what really surprises me is that men are doing most of the complaining about feeling lost, lonely and disconnected. Mantak Chia says that...
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Tantra: An Introduction
Tantra is a word that is both enticing and intimidating. People want to know about it, yet are afraid to seek and find out what it is and what it can do for their lives. Tantra is an ancient scientific spiritual practice. I feel Tantra is about living the juiciness or passionate life you...
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Orgasmic Energy
The basis of sexual desire and its fleeting fulfillment is the ecstasy of sexual orgasm, the most intense experience anyone can have. In that moment one experiences union with the beloved. There is no separation, no "I" as apart from “You." In that moment between the...
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Tantra Sex
Everyone is interested in sex no matter how old they are. Sex is always on and in the Mind. We have an ongoing relationship with this central theme in our life. Sexual energy is the "life force" itself. It has to move and express iteself as it cannot be repressed or ignored...
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