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Goddess Janet Lee

Namaste. I am Janet Lee, Goddess of Transformation. I am a Dakini, a Tantric counselor, a teacher, a healer, a
coach, and a mother of four grown children. For the past three decades, I have transformed and empowered the lives of others, as well as myself through the work I do. I am constantly learning, changing, and becoming the best I can be. My clients do the same.   
We live in a touch deprived society. Loving and caring touch heals. I love giving holistic massages. I love how it connects you to your body, mind, emotions, and soul or spirit. Having the gift of clairsentience, I pick up messages from your body and help you learn how to read your body and what it is saying to you. Most of us have pain, and want to avoid it all cost. I help you go through the pain, into awareness, and then into a higher state consciousness.

I have noticed over the years of giving bodywork that sexual issues affect our lives to the very core. I believe that only you can heal you. Once you have a relaxed body and mind, and are aware, true healing takes place and we can then move into the state of bliss. Once we learn the secrets and ways to move the most powerful energy in our body, miracles happen. There are many ways to become transformed into an empowered being.

I use massage, sexological bodywork, energy work, chakra work, bodymind counseling, hypnotherapy, Tantric counseling, consulting, and coaching which may include moving sexual energy into a session that is suited to your specific needs.

The joy and peace I receive in empowering others not only enriches my life, it enriches theirs. I am blessed to have so many people come into my life and I get to witness their transformation into something wonderful and beautiful.

I live in Canada

To contact me
E-Mail: janetlee@secretsoftantra.com