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I am in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 

I have been a body worker for over 30 years. I believe that we cannot heal until our bodies are relaxed.  I like to get to know your body and introduce you to yours so you can be fully
aware to prepare yourself for new experiences. I offer sessions to prepare you for Tantra work.

Tantra sessions are designed for each individual person or couple.  After filling out the booking form and stating what you are exploring and what intentions you want to experience, I design a session for you.  Sometimes several sessions will be required. Each one will give you an experience that takes you into a new level of awareness.

Please come with an "open mind " and be prepared to "let go" and
"be in the moment".  I will help you transform your life through self-discovery, non-judgment, care and unconditional love.  I guide you into awareness of your body, mind, and spirit into a holistic way to heal you on many levels and help you move forward in your life.  

At the end of our session together, we can talk about what you felt, experienced and how this will affect your life so you can create the life you want and deserve.

Please contact me before making an appointment as I travel nationally and internationally.

Session Descriptions and Prices

Please fill out the booking form and submit. Once you have an appointment, I will email you to send an e-transfer deposit of  $50 confirm you will show up.
Thank you.


Holistic Massage:  $80 / 1 hour       $120  / 1.5 hour       $160 / 2 hours
          A full body massage using various modalities such as relaxation, deep tissue, reiki, craniosacral, reflexology, chakra balancing, imagery, touch for health. I am a clairsentience so I listen to your body and what it tells me and we work together to help you heal you.
Intimacy Coaching Sessions:   $125 / 1 hour
         Are you wanting to be a better lover? Are you looking for intimacy and connection in your relationship? A coach helps you to achieve the life you want. You become accountable to yourself and moving forward in your life. When you get stuck in making changes and can't move forward, I am here to offer you support and creating new thought patterns to shift you into who are and what you really want in your life. For a free 1/2 hour consultation click here.

Body De-armoring:  $125 / 1 hour

Energetic Body Orgasms:  $175 / 1 hour            

Tantra Sessions:   

          There are many experiences to have in a session. It could include tantra massage, eye gazing, ecstatic dance, breathing techniques, sacred spot massage, ejaculation mastery, communication skills, body-de-armoring, non-touching energetic body orgasms. This is one-way touching and I remain clothed.

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    Tantra for Couples: $200 / hour
    Tantra for Women: $150 / hour
    Tantra for Men: $250 / hour
I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  For more information:

E-Mail: janetlee@secretsoftantra.com