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I left with a better understanding between love and lust.
Lust-full actions have always left me feeling empty inside. Where as loving actions have always left me feeling full.

After each session with Janet I've left full inside. My commitment to myself is to continue my sessions with Janet and continue to stay full. Eventually I will be able to feel love on my own. And be able to give and attract love the right way.

It is very difficult to put a price tag on how I've felt after each session. But it's a small investment to feel like i did. To be around my family in a loving state of mind everyday is worth paying a million dollars for!
    - Frank

Those of us who live in the Edmonton area are blessed to have an authentic Dakini living among us. Janet's spiritual gifts along with her loving, open heart make sessions with her both enlightening and healing. Many of us have psychosexual issues which hold us back from experiencing higher levels of awareness and a more blissful life. My sessions with Janet resulted in the clearing of emotional blockages and the experience of incredible ecstatic states - truly a bliss beyond sensual pleasure.
    - Namaste Robert B

Janet was very helpful in educating me on what she could help me to achieve. Her years of experience and dedication to the healing of my body really made my first session incredible. I have gone back for more and will continue to do so as she will be a big part in the growth of my physical and sexual wellbeing. I would highly recommend her to anyone with even the slightest curiosity of expanding their horizons and releasing the full potential of their bodies.
    - Cory

Thank you very much! I can't put a price tag on what I feel.
    - F.S.

Our experience with Rob and Janet  Lee was very pleasurable. They both made us feel extremely relaxed and before you knew it, we were just like friends. The feeling of trust and respect was what made us feel comfortable as well as their professionalism and knowledge of what they were teaching. We were able to take there teaching back into our bedroom....and all we can say is...Wow !! its working.
Thanks guys for a great job!
    - R & A

Janet has impacted my life in ways no other being could have. She has the ability to see who you are and nurture that, if you can handle it.  Facing who you really are and who you can be, can guide you in a way that you don't even realize she is there, but all of a sudden it comes together and you are aware of how much time, love, and devotion she has given you.  Janet Lee is the greatest person I know.  
    - Namaste Robin

I have known Janet Lee for over 12 years.  I have been privileged to witness her transformation into the wonderful woman she is today and the truly gifted healer she has become.  I am also very privileged to be one of her clients.
    - Amanda

My Tantric session with Janet Lee was enlightening and positive.  Janet established a comfortable, open, and relaxed environment for our session:  this helped me feel myself and open to a new experience.  Janet helped me to understand the movement to my energy and she gave me focus and guidance so that I was able to move my energy.  The "firebreath" portion of our session was especially different for me as I experienced and focused on many sensations flowing through me.  The tantric session was something I have not tried before and was curious about.  Janet is someone that I feel I could trust and also feel comfortable with, which is why my experience was positive and something I learned about.  
Thanks Janet Lee
    - Maria

I have known and been a client of Janet Lee's for over a decade. She has a strong sense of intuition that plays an integral part in her ability to nurture and heal the human body, mind and spirit. Janet, I thank you for your work and your efforts over the years. You are truly a gifted healer.
    - Grant Mayor

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