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Sacred Sex, Sacred Life - 13 Secrets of Tantra

In no area of life, are we so messed up as we are about sex. As a tantra teacher, counselor and Intimacy coach, I have discovered that Tantra comes closest to exploring the true gift of sex between two people as a means of focusing energy and using it to experience our own soul and merger with our partner. Those on the soul plane report that soul merger is the highest form of ecstatic bliss possible and is infinitely beyond our ability to imagine while still on Earth plane. In comparison, orgasm is little more than a sneeze.
Tantric lovemaking involves breathing and muscle contraction exercises, creating a special space and rituals, meditation, massage, and sexual play. Whereas the goal of regular sex is orgasm, the goal of Tantra is union, the merger of the couple’s bodies, minds, hearts and souls. The basis for this union is mutual trust, surrender and an open heart. Tantra, especially sexual Tantra, opens you up to the Divinity at all levels of your being. Tantra is the perfect way to raise consciousness, increase intimacy and enjoy the great gift of human sexuality.

This is an easy book to read and understand. There are 13 basic secrets to follow that can help you raise your loving consciousness to new levels. There are exercises to follow and new ways of perceiving energy between two people. Most are very simple and yet extremely profound. I especially love the chapter on Men are to Serve Women and the part about the nine levels of orgasm.

Click here to read Shawn Roop's Foreword on this great new book!

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