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Secrets of Great Living and Loving

Tantra is a way of living.  Life can be wonderful.
It can be simple and wondrous. Life can be blissful. We can choose to live a life full of energy and joy. Life can be harmonious and peaceful even in the age of rush, stress and instant gratification.

There are some simple principles which to live by. They are the secrets of which make life exciting, full of joy, passion, and blissful. Living these spiritual principles help us become aware and richer in all areas of our life. We can transform our lives into something extraordinary.

Secret #1  Be Willing                                                                       
A great place to start is to be willing to become aware and open to           
 new ideas and concepts.  This is the key to transforming your life. 
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Secret #2  Be Present in your body                                                     
When we feel our body, (the sensations, the pain, the emotions, our   
feet on the ground, etc.), we become alive.  When we experience total
relaxation, our bodies, mind and spirit can heal.  Radical changes and
miracles can take place.          
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Secret #3
  Fill your own cup                                                          
What gives you joy?  What fills you up with energy? What excites     
you?  What are you passionate about?  Filling up our cup first to over-   
flowing creates a peaceful and harmonious life.  The overflow then can  
be used for other things such as our relationships, work, play, success, 
manifestations, family, friends, etc.                         
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Secret #4  Keep Hydrated                                                                 
Drink water or decaffeinated herbal teas. Soda drinks deplete your
calcium from your teeth and bones, coffee keeps your belly fat, and
alcohol dries your skin and insides.                                                        
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Secret #5
 Eat well                                                                               
Eating nutritious food that has life force in it will keep you healthy
and looking youthful. Stay away from manufactured food. They  
add "unknowns" to make you addicted to their food or drink. Just
eat wholesome foods. Lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and
seeds. Enjoy your food in its natural flavor. You will lose and
maintain your weight with ease.
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Secret #6  Exercise                                                                               
Find activities that you enjoy and do it. Walking and feeling the earth
will ground you and keep you in your body. Being with nature, opens
you to stop and "smell the roses". Exercise reduces stress and gives 
you energy. 
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Secret #7  De-Stress                                                                              
We all have stress in our lives. Good or bad, that is what makes us
move or stay still. Everyone sees a situation differently. Is it a crisis
or an opportunity? How do we handle the stress and how do we
defuse it? Talking with someone, exercising, massage, taking a
bath are some ways to de-stress. 
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Secret #8  Relax                                                                                 
Our bodies cannot heal until we relax. Even in our sleep, we are not 
relaxing: we grind our teeth, toss and turn, we wake up exhausted.
Learning how to relax and what that feels, like creates a happier and
healthier person. Massage is a great way to feel your body in a
relaxed state.
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Secret #9  Breathe
We are a culture of shallow breathers and holding our breath. To
burn more oxygen we need to breath deep. The inhalation is called
"fire" and holding this breath which is "air", causes more heat and if
you are in pain, it will increase the pain. The exhalation is "water", to
cool the heat, and the longer the exhalation will help clear our mind.
Then we hold our breath for a count or two to "ground" us. Equal
counts on all four sides puts us in balance.
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Secret #10  Squeeze the PC Muscle
The pubococcygeus, or PC muscle, is a group of important pelvic
muscles that run from your pubic bone ("pubo") in the front to your
tail bone or coccyx ("coccygeus") in the back. These muscles form
the basis of your sexual health and are essential for you becoming
multi-orgasmic.  To learn to isolate these muscles, both men and
women, can start and stop the flow while urinating several times.
Once you get the idea, you can practice at anytime, and then see
what happens when you do squeeze during lovemaking.
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Secret # 11  Squeeze your Anus Muscle
The next step is to practice squeezing your anus muscle. This
is especially important for men, as this will stimulate and massage
the prostate to keep it healthy and from becoming swollen.
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Secret #12  Ejaculation Mastery
Learn the difference between orgasm and ejaculation. 
Every time a man ejaculates, he loses life force energy
that could be used for regeneration, healing, re-energizing, etc..
Having multiple orgasms without ejaculating can injaculate and
please their partners into bliss.
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Secret #13  Men are to Serve Women
This does not mean, men are a slave to women.  It means men
are there to pleasure a woman to the full 9 levels of orgasm.  Once
she reaches that level, she will surrender to you.  All the nagging,
complaining, whining, etc. will probably come to a stop.
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Secret #14  Women are Enlightened 
 Women are to completely love a man with a open heart.  In
such a state, she teaches man how to love with an open heart
and she will receive the nurturing she desires and needs.
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Secret #15  Non-violent Communication
When we clearly express our emotions or feelings, our
needs and what is "Alive in Us" we can overcome many
problems and difficulties in our lives.  Learning what our
emotions are and what our needs are, is simple but not
easy.  We get in touch with ourselves and then we can
get in touch with others.
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