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                    The Seven Keys of Tantra

There are seven simple and practical keys that bring Tantra into our daily practice.They correspond to each  of the seven major chakra energy centres in our bodies.  Understanding the chakras and its key brings us the life we want and deserve to have.

Key #1 - 1st or Base Chakra - Surrender
It is the Tantric ability to surrender to the paradox of duality in every moment that hones him or her to the sharpness of the adept one. There is a flow that is for you to be in, rather than control, much like a river. Surrender to life being more simple than complex: trusting that you will be fully received. What are you in conflict with?

Key #2 - 2nd or Sexual Chakra - Awareness
Tantra asks us to be aware of our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual connections. It asks us to be present and to show up in our life. Be willing to take the witness or observer position in life to fully view everything.  Act and think congruently with your desired outcomes. Focus on what you want - energy goes where attention flows. Be aware of your ripples in your life.

Key #3 - 3rd or Power Chakra - Movement
This is our will center. It takes energy to create movement which creates power. The power to manifest what you want in life. This is the place where we take our power back and become our own authority. There are lots of movements in our lives: movement of the body, movement of our emotions, movement of spending and making money. We need to understand when to move and when not to. Stillness is a movement. Tantra is about understanding the full range of movement that creates freedom.

Key #4 - 4th or Heart Chakra - Breath
Both 4th and 5th centres work together to support movement.  Even though they have individual strengths, chaining both creates massive power.  The heart is the ruler.  If we listen to our heart where the spirit resides, we can create the life we desire.  The heart and lungs are in the same plane.  We breathe in life force.  Holding our breath, takes us out of our body and into pain.  Breathing fully keeps us present and alive.

Key#5 - 5th or Throat Chakra - Sound
 We are able to give our heart's desires into expression. We need breath to make sound.  We express our creativity through this chakra.  Thoughts are brought into form through sound.  We tend to be fearful and hold our breath and sound again throwing us out of our bodies.  During lovemaking we tend to hold our breath and not make sound.
Key #6 - 6th or 3rd Eye Chakra - Intention
There is a difference between goals and intentions. Intention is freedom and goals are limiting. The attachment to the outcome is release and the universe has room to do its magic. This is more of a matriarchal concept and
the key to manifesting your heart's desire.
Key #7 - 7th or Crown Chakra - Non-Judgment
Much of Tantra is based in Non-Dualism (the union of polarities). It is the 'Just Is'. This offers support to Surrender, Intention and Awareness. It stops a lot of 'critical thinking'. Judgment likes to organize things and Tantra is about chaos and seeing all in their divine magnificence. Now we can see the whole picture and accept life in its totality.

There are many more keys and aspects to Tantra.  Be willing to
receive the wholeness of you living each key and their combinations. 
Putting all the keys into play, offers a rich and meaningful life. 
Please understand, you have all the tools you need already.

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